Kairos Prep – our new move-on service

Kairos Community Trust is pleased to announce a new pilot service, KAIROS PREP. Designed for men and women who have completed a recognised rehab programme of 28 days, Kairos Prep offers accommodation and support for 60 days. This new programme is abstinence-based and designed to prepare a person for a place in a Kairos supported move-on house (move-on eligibility is currently post-rehab and 90 days abstinence).

A person on the Kairos Prep programme will benefit from a support worker and individual support work sessions; peer support with a daily check-in meeting; support in engaging with 12-step fellowship meetings and step work.

After 60 days, if suitability is agreed, a planned move to a Kairos supported house will be able to take place.

“Our Kairos services are expanding,” says director Mossie Lyons. “Kairos Prep is a wonderful opportunity for a person who has completed 28 days of rehab to have seamless support. It will help them grow during the vital early days of their recovery, in particular through the move-on pathway and on their eventual journey towards independent living.”

• For all enquiries about Kairos Prep and referrals, contact Head Office. Visit Supported housing for more details of Kairos move-on services.