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… home to recovery

Hostel accommodation, treatment services and supported housing for people with drug and alcohol problems



… home to recovery

Hostel accommodation, treatment services and supported housing for people with drug and alcohol problems



At Kairos Community Trust, we are dedicated to helping homeless men and women with drug and alcohol problems. We do this through our abstinence-support hostel, our rehab programmes and our network of 29 supported Move-on houses, most of which are in south London.
Our core services provide: sober hostel accommodation, day programme rehab, residential rehab, supported housing and aftercare. Each service can be accessed separately or they can be combined to build individual pathways to recovery over a period of time. All our services are delivered by experienced teams of qualified therapists, support workers and administrators.
Addiction and homelessness are twin problems, and we believe that the journey to recovery from drugs and alcohol begins in a safe, secure environment.


How to apply – and plan your individual pathway to recovery: Overview


Once committed to recovery – after rehab or after 28 days living abstinent in the community – the Kairos pathways can lead you to supported housing and on towards independent living.

Kairos Community Trust has 29 post-rehab, sober-living move-on houses with 189 beds in six London boroughs: Brent, Lambeth, Lewisham, Merton, Southwark and Wandsworth. Residents have ongoing access to support workers and help in making planned moves to independent living.


‘I arrived at Linden Grove after 15 years of skips, squatting and park benches. At first nothing was right but after a month my attitude completely changed. I was interested and I was learning. I wanted to get better and was willing to work for it. And the staff never gave up on me, no matter what!’

‘At Kairos, I stayed off drink and drugs for more than a few weeks for the first time and I became open, honest and willing for the first time in my life. I haven’t looked back since. Life in recovery isn’t always easy but it’s better than any bad day I had in addiction.’

‘Do you know where I’ve been? The journey back has been long and humbling. Now, in my shared Kairos house, I’ve come to understand and appreciate the value of the ‘little’ things in life: health, shelter, security, food, my own room, and few good friends. I am a prince but I have no need of a castle.’

And why are we called Kairos? Kairos is one of the Greek words for time and we understand it as the right time for change.