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Aftercare Programme







Aftercare Programme
45a Elm Grove
London SE15 5DD


T: 020 7277 9213

Manager: Jessica Rood

Kairos Aftercare is a three-day, midweek, 12-Step, abstinence-based treatment programme. Our goal is to help clients stay free from active addiction. We encourage personal growth and change, and guide clients towards useful and fulfilling lives.
We believe that providing some midweek structure assists clients in adjusting to daily life in the general community following the intensity of primary residential treatment. Aftercare leads to improved treatment outcomes.
We are open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9am to 5pm. Clients arrive at 9.45am and finish by 4pm.


■ 12-Step fellowship. One Big Book Study group and one 12-Step meeting per week are integrated into the programme. Clients are expected to attend two external 12-Step meetings per week
■ Group therapy each day
■ Weekly one-to-one counselling session
■ Expert support and referrals to other professionals regarding health, debt, benefits and legal issues
■ Workshops
■ Health education
■ A six-week report is provided to the relevant professional responsible for funding a client and they are invited to visit for review. A final report is provided after graduation.


The Aftercare Programme is delivered by: Jessica Rood, Manager (MBACP, Diploma Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy);  Cydney Dunbavin-Hands (MA Drama and Movement Therapy, Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional);  Airen Koopmans (MA Drama and Movement Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy);  and David Yates, Deputy Manager (MBACP, MSc Addiction Psychology and Counselling).

Aftercare referral and admission

■ Applicants will be aged 18 to 65 and have completed or be due to complete a primary rehabilitation treatment
■ After telephone contact or a referral, we invite the applicant to an assessment, usually within 10 days
■ At assessment, a counsellor meets with the applicant and explains the programme and what is expected of clients
■ Forms such as risk assessment, family details and health history are completed. Applicants are asked to sign a contract committing to attending all programme days and two 12-Step meetings per week
■ Funding is then agreed by relevant care manager/authority and agreement is sent to Kairos head office
■ Admission date is provided to funding authority and client


The cost from 1st April 2024 is £330 per week.