Garden Day Programme








In response to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the GDP has reopened and is operating online. We are running a daily programme, Monday-Friday, 09:15-13:00. This includes group therapy, Step workshops and meditation. From 14:00 to 15:00, there will be one-to-one counselling, care plan reviews and support work sessions.

All participants will need to be referred and assessed before joining. Everyone needs to be able to access Zoom on the internet from home.

This online programme will run until we are able to work face-to-face again at 66 Nunhead Lane.

Garden Day Programme
66 Nunhead Lane
London SE15 3QE


t: 020 7635 7664

Manager: Tim Penrice

The Garden Day Programme is a 12-week, 12 Step-based, intensive, non-residential rehab programme for people with addiction/substance misuse issues who have already detoxed. We are located in a beautiful garden two minutes’ walk from the Kairos Linden Grove Abstinence-Support Hostel in Nunhead, London SE15, the residential centre for eligible clients.
We can be reached by train to Peckham Rye or Nunhead stations, and by P12 or 78 bus. Normally, we operate a Monday to Friday timetable, 10am–3pm. However, we are currently running online, see above

The Garden Day Programme…

■ is staffed by three qualified professional addiction counsellors who share over 50 years experience of working in addiction and psychotherapy
■ includes a weekly one-to-one counselling session
■ includes daily group therapy, the most powerful medium of change
■ also includes addiction and recovery workshops and psycho-educational groups, 12 Step workshops, art therapy, meditation and Qi Gong
■ celebrates success at graduation with a certificate of completion
■ is proud of its completion rate of more than 70%, measured over 7 years
■ qualifies a successful graduate for the Kairos Aftercare Programme and a place in one of the Kairos supported Move-on houses


THE GARDEN DAY PROGRAMME TEAM, L-R: Tim Penrice, Manager (MBACP, IGA Group Work Practitioner); Gillie Sliz, Assistant Manager (HCPC Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Group Therapist); and Simon Eve, Counsellor and Group Therapist (MBACP Accred).


The Garden Day Programme specialises in group therapy because we understand that most addiction related personal difficulties have their roots in early social/family relationships. We believe that group settings are the best and most powerfully effective place to explore and understand patterns of problematic behaviour and how to resolve these problems.

Who is eligible?

■ Men and women over 18, who are detoxed and who are committed to following a programme of change and recovery
■ Men and women from the community who can travel to and from Nunhead (SE15) daily


Accepted from professionals, agencies and self-referrals; initially by telephone

Assessment and admission

■ Normally assessment is by interview at the GDP within a week of referral
■ Telephone assessments by arrangement
■ The need for abstinence and random breath and urine testing explained
■ Date for admission agreed once funding arrangements are in place
■ Contract and other documents signed on admission


The current cost for the Garden Day Programme Online is £320 per week.