Meeting our bees at the honey harvest

Kairos honey
Kenny opens the hive and Mikki administers a few puffs from the smoke gun to calm the bees

Kairos head beekeeper Kenny and his team had a successful honey harvest at the end of last month, collecting a total of 30lbs of honey from seven hives in the gardens of Kairos houses in Streatham and Wandsworth.

At an open day and BBQ, they introduced the bees to Kairos residents, staff and families and demonstrated how the honey is collected and processed. “It was a great day,” said director Mossie Lyons, “and it was a chance to remind everyone how much the bees do for our environment, pollinating plants within a three-mile radius of their hive.”

Kairos honey
The beekeepers hold up two combs with bees and their winter store of honey from inside the hive

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