Making more room for recovery with CRASH

The latest stage in the redevelopment of the Kairos move-on house in Eugenia Road, Southwark, was completed last week when residents moved into the two new ground-floor bedrooms. One room was built on the site of the disused garage, the other was part of internal modifications that also included the installation of a new wet-room style bathroom designed for disabled residents.

The project is the latest at Eugenia Road to be made possible by the generosity and commitment of CRASH, the building industry charity for the homeless. This time they provided architectural and planning expertise through Andrew Bain of Areen Design, as well as financial support and materials for John Bailey of JMB Building Construction to extend the three-storey Victorian vicarage – now a move-on house with a total of 11 bedrooms.

“It has been one of my aims this year to develop within the buildings we have,” said Kairos director Mossie Lyons. “The addition of our five new rooms, including these two at Eugenia Road, is the equivalent accommodation in a whole house. We are enormously grateful to CRASH for making it possible for us to provide more homes for the homeless in recovery.”

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