Farewell, Francesca – and our heartfelt thanks

As Francesca Roberts retires after sixteen years as CEO of the construction industry’s charity, CRASH Charity, Kairos Director Mossie Lyons offers a personal thanks.

Francesca Roberts is well known in Kairos. Mention the name, meet the woman, and there is an automatic connection to CRASH. This wide awareness is accompanied by a deep appreciation for the role CRASH has played in building development and refurbishment in Kairos.  

Francesca Roberts has done more to address the scourge of homelessness through CRASH’s work with homeless charities than anyone I know. She has the perfect combination for the interfacing of the homelessness sector and the construction industry – a loving social heart, a commercial professional mind, and a gut filled with passion, enthusiasm, and energy to make such relationships work for the good of those who are homeless. Over the years, Francesca heard many personal stories of homelessness and stories of the reclamation of bruised lives with the help of Kairos. She understood our work.  

After sixteen years of wonderful collaboration, it is hard to say goodbye. Reminders of Francesca’s legacy are all around us at Kairos: in bricks and mortar; in the healthy men and women who have found a temporary home here; in the many people who have been supported from Kairos into their own independent homes. Kairos will be ever grateful to her for the contribution CRASH has made to our development and growth during her time as CEO. 

Thanks, Francesca, for getting to know and appreciate Kairos and our work. Thanks for the consistent support over sixteen years. Enjoy your retirement.  

  • Find out more about CRASH Charity and its work here.