Happy second birthday, Beam!

Beam celebrated its second birthday with a party at the beautiful St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace, in London\’s Bishopsgate on Tuesday evening. The crowd-funding website founded by Alex Stephany and his Beam Team in 2017, continues to help homeless men and women raise money to fund their training for employment.

Kairos has been involved from the start and has continued to recommend individuals to the scheme. Since September 2018, Beam has launched campaigns for nine current or past Kairos residents. Seven of those campaigns have already reached their targets, raising a total of £21,290. 

Two campaigns (Joseph’s & Alex’s) have been launched recently so are still live – they are aiming to raise an additional £9,355. 

The chosen careers of these nine Kairos Beam members include five electricians (always popular!), one chef, one gardener and two support workers.

“Beam is unique opportunity for those who are ready for the challenge,\” says Gillian Lyons, Kairos Deputy Supported Housing Manager. \”So, congratulations and thank you, Beam, on your excellent work with our Kairos people!”


For more information about Beam and how to become a member, visit beam.org.