It’s a very Kairos Christmas!

Happy Kairos Christmas
It’s Christmas! Artwork by Kairos resident AG.

Kairos residents are looking forward to Christmas…

Thanks to Kairos, I get to spend Christmas clean and sober, which gives me hope to start the New Year in recovery. I will not only be present for my children but will be able to be a son to my mum, brother to my brothers and sisters, and uncle to my niece and nephews. Have a beautiful Christmas, everyone! – SM

I will be having a drug and alcohol-free Christmas and, with my fellows in the rooms, I will be able to have a dinner and all the other goodies. If I was at home, it would not be a dry Christmas and I would not be able to speak to family normally. Thanks to Kairos, I have the opportunity to have a Happy Christmas. – AH

I’m going to enjoy remembering the whole festive day with friends I’ve made. – DE

Last Christmas I was in prison doing a six-month sentence. I thought I was ready for the scrap heap. However, I was released into the loving arms of Kairos and I spent the next three months at Linden Grove, and then the Garden Day Programme. I’ve been given the love and knowledge of recovery and I am now going to spend my first Christmas sober since I was a teenager. I am looking forward to a sober and grateful Christmas – thanks to Kairos and my hard work.” – MY

No more white Christmases for me – unless it snows next week! – MM

I’m looking forward to Christmas sober. I’ll be volunteering at Crisis on Christmas Day and I am really excited about it. – KB