Kairos at Christmas

Once again, Linden Grove staff and residents were our hosts for Kairos Christmas Day this year. Here, two residents talk about the day. Thank you everyone … and a Happy New Year to you all!

I was feeling despondent on Christmas Day so got myself to a meeting and was in two minds whether to pop in to Linden. I thought I would and was immediately given Christmas dinner. It was good to see people, it reminded me of my first dry Christmas at Bethwin Road. The community spirit was warming, it was great to watch Kairos people standing up in the Linden’s Got Talent extravaganza. It inspired me to get up myself and read a poem. It made my Christmas to be part of the festivities. Thanks and love to all. Matt, Move-on house

∗ ∗ ∗ 

I never envisaged spending Christmas in a treatment centre. In the build up to Christmas I felt really deflated and sad that I wouldn’t be seeing my family. Christmas is obviously a difficult time for alcoholics. In the end, the day was absolutely amazing, there was a mixture of Kairos residents, former residents and Kairos staff. Christmas dinner was amazing, staff and volunteers worked really hard to make sure food came out on time. One of the current residents made a very life-like Santa and gave all residents a box of presents, that nobody was expecting. Linden’s Got Talent took place in the afternoon and to my amazement I came second. I don’t really like public speaking but everybody was so supportive it didn’t feel daunting. I wasn’t looking forward to Christmas at all but I it was one of best ever. I would like to thank the staff for coming in Christmas day, Vincent particularly, it was very much appreciated. – J, resident Linden Grove