Bouquets for the new Kairos year


These two texts received by Kairos managers last week – bouquets out of the blue – made a wonderful start to our 25th anniversary year. Thank you!

Hello! It’s A.T. here. I just saw you looking in your car boot as I passed by on the bus! It occurs to me that I’ve never actually thanked you for all the help you and your team gave me in the 2.5 years after Bethwin. I’ll always be grateful. It is in part down to people like yourself and the rest of the guys that I am now studying to be a primary school teacher. I’m actually on the bus now to my school placement and loving every minute of it. Thanks again old bean. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon. All the best.

Hello – Happy New Year to you all. Hope you are well. Everything is going great for me. Went to Jamaica just before Christmas and had a wonderful time. I am volunteering at two local CRIs and I also attend the Public Health England Forums for service providers. I am at a very good place in life now. I feel so calm – just enjoying life with my family. I just want to thank you all for all your help and support in giving me my life back. Special thanks to my counsellor. Kind regards, C