Kairos takes the recovery message on the road

Kairos staff have been carrying the message of recovery to new audiences recently. Last month, director Mossie Lyons, along with Dom, James, Jason, Gillian and Grace, took the train to East Sussex to speak to Mayfield Girls School. Their mission: to give Year 12 pupils a clearer understanding of addiction and substance misuse but also to talk about the remarkable path – spiritual and practical – to recovery. The Kairos team was delighted to be invited back at the end of this month to talk to staff.

Back in South London, our beekeeper, Grace, received another speaking invitation last week, this time to the Forest Hill branch of the Women’s Institute. She spoke about her job as beekeeper and how she believes beekeeping has a serious therapeutic value for people in recovery, providing purpose and restoring confidence while at the same time instilling a love and respect of nature. Her message hit the spot, provoking responses like “inspiring speaker” and “I’ll never think of bees in the same way again”.