20 years at number 22 Linden Grove

Kairos arrived at 22 Linden Grove, Nunhead, 20 years ago this month. The building was a wreck but staff and volunteers (like our friend pictured here), managed to make it habitable by 26 March, when Fr John Kitchen, Tony Walsh and six residents moved here from Stonhouse Street in Clapham.

In the 20 years since then, Kairos Community Trust and Linden Grove have grown, like the little cyprus tree in these photos. In 2006-7, the building was completely refurbished and in the process joined to the old St Antony’s church hall, which is now our dining-room, laundry, offices and counselling rooms. Today, Linden Grove is a CQC-regulated community detox hostel with 24 single rooms and is staffed 24/7.

  • We are collecting photos and memories from these early days, so if you want to send us something, please email: online@kairoscommunity.co.uk