A place to live in peace and dignity

On Thursday morning, Crash Charity and Kairos came together to dedicate one of our Move-on houses in north London to the memory of Paul Kavanagh, CEO of Imtech, long-standing patron and friend of Crash. Kairos welcomed Paul’s family, Sheila and their two sons Adam and Ewan, colleagues and friend from Imtech, Francesca Roberts, CEO of Crash, and members of Kairos community.

Francesca Roberts spoke about Paul’s 15 years of support of Crash and about the charity’s work bringing together the many elements that go into building a home. Before Sheila and her sons unveiled the plaque, Kairos director Mossie Lyons explained that this particular home “is the culmination of a redevelopment and refurbishment which started back in January 2016. From start to finish the work has been Crash assisted – from design and planning, through Child Graddon Lewis architects, professional input and construction materials supplied by Crash Charity patrons, and a generous Crash grant.

“As a result, the house is now an eight-bedroomed home with four extra rooms and the cluster of three neighbouring homes has been transformed into a veritable community, offering 20 single rooms to people in recovery. Thank you, everyone.”

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