Kairos staff pin down acupuncture training

Kairos is dedicated to the holistic well-being of residents, with our Pathways programme designed to support their entire recovery journey.  Reflecting this commitment, five staff members from across Kairos’ services recently completed three-day training in auricular acupuncture.

Auricular acupuncture complements recovery by helping tackle stress and enhancing emotional well-being.  Individuals in our residential treatment programmes have historically benefited from this practice and we are delighted that the recent training will expand access to these benefits to even more members of our community.

Steven Polatajko, of Kairos’ Move-on team, shares his experience of the training:

I was fortunate to be offered training in auricular acupuncture as part of my professional development at Kairos. The experience was nothing short of amazing and it has opened my mind up to other therapeutic treatments that help with recovery.

This training was led by acupuncture professionals NADA, who introduced us to a protocol that specifically targets areas related to addiction, with up to five needles inserted in each ear for up to 45 minutes.  These help reduces symptoms of anxiety, craving and insomnia.

On the last day of training, we offered our treatment to residents at Linden Grove treatment centre and the feedback was fantastic, with some even falling asleep during the process!  I’m really looking forward to begin offering the treatments to our residents and fellow staff members.

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