Caution is our watchword: C-19 update

Life and work continue at Kairos but caution is still our watchword, says director Mossie Lyons with a reminder about Kairos ‘house rules’

Kairos is open for business and, as the coronavirus begins to recede, all our services (Pathways Programme) are currently operating within the requirements and guidelines set out by the government, Public Health England and relevant regulatory bodies.

Purely from a business point of view, Kairos has kept things ticking over well during the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Kairos staff have willingly, steadfastly and professionally kept working throughout, showing imagination in their delivery of therapy and support, ingenuity in management, care in health and safety and, above all, common sense at all levels.
  • From a figure of seven staff on furlough, we have now reduced this to three. Kairos has retained all staff members.
  • Kairos has applied for financial aid to bolster vulnerable parts of our operation and I hope to be able to announce the success of an application in the next update.

Social bubble
There is a difficulty around visitation at houses in that none of the Kairos houses constitutes a single household. So I’m sorry to tell you that visitors are not allowed into any Kairos houses. This includes Linden Grove and Bethwin Road. Please arrange to meet up outside and don’t forget – keep your social distance.

The good news is that life seems to be returning to some semblance of social normality. However, now is not the time to drop our guard. We have succeeded in remaining outbreak free. Let’s continue to work towards that end.

Hopefully, very soon, there will be definitive news and guidance on a Covid-19 antibody test kit.
So, as business continues, I have decided to reduce the frequency of updates from now on. I will report at two to three weekly intervals, unless, of course, something needs reporting immediately.

Thank you, everybody.