Farewell and fair wind, Kenny Brown

Farewell, Kenny Brown, you are moving on after 14 years and four months with Kairos to take up a new post north of the river with Steps2Recovery, writes director Mossie Lyons. 

Kenny, you came to us as you were mapping a way forward in your life, in search of a path of continued health, a worthwhile happy lifestyle and, in stepping into that most personal of journeys, the one that leads a person deep within self. 

In sharing your journey as a colleague, thank you for all you have contributed to Kairos Community Trust: as volunteer, support worker, deputy and then Supported Housing manager for the past year, always supporting men and women in their first steps on journeys of hope and promise. Your outreach work for Kairos, often in partnership with organisations such as the Forward Trust, has taken you far and wide.  

And thank you for the many unofficial but much appreciated roles you’ve taken on, too, from lead Kairos beekeeper to minibus driver on many a late-night run to the airport for our Medjugorje pilgrims, from co-chef with your predecessor Nick Messikh at our Buckfast Abbey retreat to a (somewhat seasick) crew member alongside Kairos residents aboard the Tectona sailing boat. 

Good luck, Kenny, and continue to journey well!