Kairos rises to the challenge: C-19 update

As we face another three weeks of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, Kairos director Mossie Lyons has this update – and thanks – for residents and workers.

“Overall, residents of the Kairos houses have done us all proud. Thank you for your commitment to the rules and your patience in observing them.

“I want to thank all Kairos workers for your fantastic response and admirable commitment to your clients’ care and support and to our admin and finance staff for keeping systems ticking over. Our managers and their deputies have shown that nothing stops outreach and, indeed, in-reach.

“And, everyone, please keep an eye on the News page of our website for updates, not just about Covid-19 but for the ways in which life continues in Kairos, sometimes with novel and creative adjustments to the norm.”

Reminders for residents… and the offer of a lawnmower
  • We are facing another three weeks of lockdown, so please continue to stay at home and when out observe social distance (two metres)
  • Be kind to each other
  • Try to build in a period of exercise each day
  • Most houses, especially Move-on ones, have gardens. Enjoy them in this fine weather. However, be mindful of neighbours and be especially aware of noise levels if you are playing music
  • A good form of exercise in a garden is gardening itself, so keep your garden nice. In this regard,  residents in some houses are doing a wonderful job. Need a lawnmower? Ring the office and I will arrange one
  • When possible, I also encourage sharing a meal together, if you are/have observed the stay-at-home requirement
  • Well done to residents who have come out of self-isolation this week – I know of three. You have been most generous
  • I extend my condolences to residents who have lost loved ones over the last few weeks
How Kairos is working…
  • I have asked the team at our Bethwin Road residential rehab (a registered care home) to contact CQC and ask for testing kits for staff. It is good that the Government recognises the contribution of all frontline/key workers in health and social care.
  • We are still taking referrals and doing assessments, primarily over the phone. The Linden Grove abstinence-support hostel has had two admissions over the past two weeks and the Move-on team has had admissions as well.
  • The Garden Day Programme and Aftercare continue to provide counselling online and by phone
  • With regard to cover for managers, if one of you should get sick or have time booked off then deputies will take over management duties. This has happened seamlessly in three situations over the past two weeks.
  • I contact managers every day to catch up and am always available on my mobile phone.