Pop-up Café Kairos takes over as the dining-room is restored

  • LG floor 1
    Ready for action: the Linden Grove dining-room floor ready for its makeover.
  • LG floor 2a
    Sanding off the old varnish and grime.
  • LG floor 3
    Sandra and Toddy’s pop-up Café Kairos.
  • LG floor 4
    The oak boards restored to their former glory.
  • LG floor 5
    The oak boards restored to their former glory.

After 14 years of constant wear, it was time to sand and re-seal the vast wooden floor of the Linden Grove dining-room. A treatment plan was agreed and the room emptied of absolutely everything before work could begin. The tables and chairs were moved into the front yard under a stylish portable gazebo where Sandra and Toddy found themselves running a pop-up Café Kairos for residents and staff. Meanwhile, Steve and Damien from The Flooring Company worked their way up and down the length of the former church hall for five days to restore the solid oak boards to their original glory.