Looking forward & staying safe: C-19 update

We’re doing well, reports director Mossie Lyons, let’s keep it that way as lockdown eases.

This past week all talk has been around easing of lockdown, however, the central messages remain:

  • Go out only if necessary (you are allowed to exercise as often as you want to)
  • Keep to the 2-metre social distancing rule
  • Wash your hands with soap and water regularly
  • Isolate if you have symptoms (the two main symptoms are a temperature and/or dry cough)
  • Don’t bring visitors to your house and don’t stay out overnight

The easing of lockdown will be gradual, so we will follow the government and Public Health England advice as it comes to us and act accordingly.


On 14 May (yesterday), the government told us that Roche’s Covid-19 antibody test had been authorised by the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Every staff member will be tested when the test kit becomes available. This will show who has had the virus and thereby have developed some immunity.

Other news
  • Aftercare restarts on 26 May, under very specific government guided operational procedures.
  • Managers in Kairos will meet face to face on Wednesday 20 May (social distancing will be observed).
  • A Trustees‘ meeting, via Zoom, is being planned for the following week.
  • For those following R, the rate of spread of infection that one person with the virus can cause, the good news is that the rate in London is believed to be close to 0.4 at the moment – light at the end of the tunnel.

My last word is: we have been winners thus far, let us continue to be winners. Keep safe and keep everyone else safe.