Recovery on the Garden’s BBQ menu

Kairos GDP BBQ 2018

Friday, 15 June 2018 was Kairos Garden Day Programme’s BBQ day and again there was a fine turn-out, with a guesstimate of between 70 and 90 coming to share good food, music, company in the sunshine, writes Tim Penrice, GDP manager.

This annual event is now established in our calendar as a summer celebration of Kairos recovery with friends, staff and residents from across the organisation raising a glass of lime soda to AA’s founders and the their principles of 12 Step recovery, 83 years on.

Preparing, cooking and delivering a bash like this can be hard work, so we are indebted to Sandra, Gillie, Vincent, Rikki, Sam, Mossie, Julian, Lorraine, GDP clients and the residents of 66 Nunhead Lane for their help and cooperation. There was a really fantastic choice of bangers, burgers, chicken, salads, vegetables and fruit and everyone enjoyed themselves and had fun in recovery – which is what it is all really about.