Students take steps for Kairos fundraising

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In June, Lee Vines, Support Worker and Deputy Manager of the Move-on team, visited Charter School Bermondsey with a former Kairos resident to speak to Year 9 students about our work.
Inspired by the visit, the class will fundraise for Kairos on July 15th with a sponsored walk of twelve laps of Southwark Park, one for each step of the Twelve-step programme.  We are immensely grateful for their generosity and effort.  You can sponsor them here.
Lee shares about the day:

During our recent visit to Charter School, I was incredibly moved by the students’ enthusiasm and heartfelt interest in our work with addiction and homelessness.  They asked detailed questions about how our services work, the people who benefit from them, and the positive outcomes from the right support in recovery and supported housing.

The students were amazed when they learned that some people might not see their families or children for decades due to addiction, homelessness, and shame.  Their surprise and concern showed how much they care, and it’s heart-warming to see young people so interested.

Finding out that the class has started fundraising for Kairos has really touched me.  It shows the power of community and the real connection we felt during our time together.  It is the ripple effect that comes when the language of the heart is spoken – one heart touching others.

We are deeply grateful to Charter School for inviting us and to the students for turning their compassion and concern into practical action.  It’s amazing to see how much young people care.

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  • You can support the Year 9 class using the sponsorship link here.