Summer School in Ljubljana

GASI Summer School 2018
The GASI Summer School Class of 2018

Continuing professional development is important throughout Kairos, and this summer it took Tim Penrice from Nunhead to Slovenia.

As part of the Garden Day Programme’s commitment to training, I decided to combine a few days annual leave with the five-day International Summer School for group analysts and psychotherapists. This year it was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia (18-22 July).

More than 80 participants from 20 different countries gathered to take part in small group sessions (8+1 facilitator), workshops, lectures and large group sessions which entail everyone attending open group facilitated by two analysts. Thankfully, English was the lingua franca.

Group psychotherapy is a powerful mechanism of change that works by developing, exploring and examining interpersonal relationships within the group. It works across cultures and generations and with all manner of psychological disturbance, and these experiences in Ljubljana helped me broaden our approach to addiction treatment.

At the GDP we use these principles daily to help clients understand why they keep behaving in repetitive destructive ways. The power of the group brings change, acceptance and a sense of belonging, no matter how ‘estranged’ we have become.

The Summer School was organised by the Group Analytic Society International, GASI.