Welcome, Hannah, to the Kairos ‘Nunhead Hub’

Crash Charity visits Kairos Garden Day Programme
Good morning, Nunhead (l-r): Will, Sarah, Mossie, Francesca, Hannah and Louise.

Kairos yesterday welcomed Francesca Roberts, CEO of CRASH, and Hannah Miller, the charity’s newly appointed Communications and Fundraising Assistant. This was Hannah’s first visit to Kairos to learn about the work of our ‘Nunhead Hub’ at first hand. Starting at 66 Nunhead Lane, both Move-on house and home of the Garden Day Programme, they visited the Move-on house in Forrester Road and our Abstinence Support Hostel at Linden Grove, where the visit finished with lunch.

“It was uplifting to see how staff, volunteers and residents welcomed Francesca and Hannah,” said Mossie Lyons, Kairos director. “There is a deep awareness and appreciation across Kairos of the immense contribution which CRASH has made to the development and refurbishment of the houses in this area. Evident also is the willingness and passion of our volunteers and workers to share both the story of their journey and of their work in Kairos.”