Welcome to the City of Stories

On Saturday, the Kairos team who had helped to build the City of Stories joined the public open day for the finished project in Dalston. The upside down city of cardboard – actually a 1:50 scale representation of the Dalston skyline – was suspended from scaffolding in the front courtyard of architects Levitt Bernstein as their contribution to the London Festival of Architecture. The festival theme this year was \’Work in Progress\’ and Levitt Bernstein had chosen to focus on homelessness. Many of the stories tumbling down, engraved on plywood boards, were those of Kairos community members and friends.

Our thanks go to Hanna Benihoud, Zohra Chiheb and their colleagues at Levitt Bernstein and to CRASH, the construction industry\’s charity for the homeless, for a wonderful and creative experience.

\"LB www.levittbernstein.co.uk

\"crash-logo\" Read CRASH\’s story about the project