Good company on the Garden path

The second Open Day BBQ at the Garden Day Programme celebrated Kairos recovery and the 80th birthday of AA in the sunshine of 10 June 2015 – and no one went away hungry this year!

It was a real coming together of recovery professionals and community set to the music of Jim Smith and the food of Mossie, Sandra F and Eddie B, who ran an excellent barbeque. More than 70 people dropping in to share good news and experiences and meet others in such a happy environment made for a joyous event.

Thank you everyone for making the effort to come and special thanks to the staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make it happen.

Thanks also to the following professionals who came to get a glimpse of how the Kairos Community celebrates its achievements… one day at a time: Lesley Reece and Michael Fitzpatrick (CRI Greenwich), Donna Peters, Stacy-Ann Smith and Lorna Thomas (Lewisham Prevention and Inclusion Team), Ken Scott (Lambeth SMT), Noel Henry (Southwark SMT), Sean Higgins (Blenheim CDP) and David Malcolm (RAPt).