Let’s keep our distance while we watch & wait: C-19 update

Testing options, how to maintain social distancing and the Move-on team’s challenges were all on the agenda at this week’s managers meeting, reports director Mossie Lyons

Tests for coronavirus are available to staff with symptoms by arrangement.

A ‘result-in-20-minutes test kit’ to diagnose if you have coronavirus at the time of testing is in the news this morning – so we watch and wait!

There is much debate around the efficacy of antibody tests (which show if you have had the virus); the big questions being, if you have the antibodies, what degree of immunity do you have and how long will it last? Again, we watch and wait!

The managers meeting on Wednesday was positive and reassuring. It confirmed two things for me: that we work best as a pathways service team and we need and value emotional support at this time. Reflective practice is always good.

We met in the meeting room at the Garden Day Programme, which clearly showed that the GDP should continue to provide therapy online because social distancing would be difficult for a group of 8+ in the room. The online programme is working well but, as manager Tim said, it demands a different concentration.

The Move-on workers are the team under most pressure at the moment with lots of referrals, assessments, admissions and 29 houses to support – all in lockdown. And then there is the sporadic relapse. As one person who relapsed about three weeks ago said, “I should have talked to my support worker sooner.” Lesson: talk to your support worker.

However, on a brighter note, I would ask all residents to read the previous News item on this page, Plenty of life in lockdown for Move-on houses, with contributions from residents Michael, Antonia and two Anon’s, along with support workers.

Thanks to all residents for supporting each other… and please remember:

  • Go out only if necessary (you are allowed to exercise as often as you want)
  • Keep to the 2-metre social distancing rule
  • Wash your hands with soap and water regularly
  • Isolate if you have symptoms (the two main symptoms are a temperature and/or dry cough)
  • Don’t bring visitors to your house and don’t stay out overnight