New year, new chapter: welcome, Nunhead Psychotherapy Group

“It felt like the beginning of something new, something good”

– Will Pugh, facilitator of the Nunhead Psychotherapy Group, following the Group’s successful launch.

The Nunhead Psychotherapy Group held its first session on Tuesday (9th January).  Facilitated by Will Pugh and Tim Penrice, this is an opportunity for long-term group psychotherapy focused on addressing issues in continuing recovery.  The thirty-week programme is scheduled to conclude in late August 2024. 

The Group provides participants with a confidential space to explore and discuss ongoing challenges, and to discover new solutions to old problems.  It is designed for people who have achieved at least one year of recovery, with individuals committing to regular attendance throughout the programme. 

The Nunhead Psychotherapy Group represents an important resource for people looking for sustained support in their recovery journey.  The team are hugely encouraged by such a positive start.