‘We’re still working’: C-19 update for Kairos residents and workers

In this update to all Kairos residents and workers, director Mossie Lyons says Kairos Community Trust continues to provide restricted rehab, post-rehab and supported housing services in line with Government guidelines for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am in head office each day and am in contact with managers on a daily basis. I have now arranged through a local pharmacy that when the antibody test kits become available Kairos will be able to get them. The health and safety of our residents, clients and staff remains the absolute priority.”

Mossie Lyons reminds Kairos residents that they are required to observe the following rules:
  • ‘Stay at home’ regulation
  • Keep your social distance, if you have to go out
  • Don’t put the other people in your Kairos house/hostel under pressure
  • Don’t bring visitors into any Kairos house/hostel
  • Don’t stay out of your Kairos accommodation overnight
  • Isolate for the recommended time, if you have any symptoms
  • Don’t make yourself homeless
  • Keep in touch with your Kairos support worker

“Some support workers in the Move-on team are using social media to hold virtual house meetings; others are using online video conferencing apps, such as Zoom and Skype. It’s great to check in face to face but don’t forget the telephone!

“A last word to residents: we want the best for you, don’t compromise the rules. Remember that word consequences.”

To Kairos workers: “Thanks for your continued frontline work.”
How Kairos is working…
  • The Aftercare team continues to hold telephone counselling sessions.
  • The team at Bethwin Road residential rehab continues to take referrals and has revised assessment and admissions procedures in place. Bethwin will house a maximum of eight residents at any one time and all rooms will be single occupancy to facilitate self-isolation, if necessary.
  • The Garden Day Programme team is holding online group therapy meetings via Zoom.
  • Our Linden Grove abstinence-support hostel continues to work with a large number of post-detox men and women and is receiving a lot of referrals.
  • With four Move-on team workers in self-isolation, a skeleton supported-housing staff is doing wonderful work.