Annual General Meeting 2012

Kairos Community Trust held its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday evening, 27 November at the John Kitchen Centre, 22 Linden Grove. Along with the board of trustees, present and past staff and residents we welcomed many of our supporters who have contributed our success. In addition to the formal business of the evening, the gathering celebrated our 21st anniversary, our co-founder Father John Kitchen spoke about how Kairos came into being.

Director Mossie Lyons thanked our many long-time supporters some of whom were present, including the first trustees (John McAuley, Sarah Potter and Gerald Barry), Nick Lee who in his professional capacity as structural surveyor has surveyed all the properties Kairos has ever bought, and also the parishoners from Weybridge who volunteered and raised funds for Kairos in the early days. He then looked forward to current and new projects, and introduced Katy Sechiari, a teacher from the BRIT School, the renowned performing arts and technology secondary school in Croydon. She and a number of students will be taking part in a creative collaboration with Kairos in the coming year.