We’ll be ready for the end of lockdown

As the end of lockdown approaches, Kairos’s services are working well as they prepare to gear up again but we mustn’t get complacent, writes director Mossie Lyons
What’s working across Kairos services…
  • Invitations for the second (follow-up) vaccine jab are beginning to filter through to staff who have had their first one.
  • Isolation (for 10 days) on admission at Linden Grove Abstinence Support Hostel is proving to be effective.
  • Bethwin Road residential rehab is preparing for CQC Transitional Monitoring Approach (TMA) inspection scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday 4 March).
  • The Garden Day Programme is ready to restart face-to-face work on Monday 15 March. Until the building work is completed at its old premises at 66 Nunhead Lane (in four to five weeks’ time), group work will again take place at The Green Community Centre on Nunhead Green.
  • The Aftercare Programme resumes face-to-face work on Tuesday 9 March at Elm Grove, on a split-group basis.
  • The Move-On team is extremely busy, as are the supported houses which are operating almost at full capacity. With better weather on the horizon, residents should enjoy gardens and bee-keeping days.
  • Head Office visits by prior arrangement only.
  • Working from home where possible.
  • Keeping safe.
How we will work as lockdown eases
  • Please don’t take chances.
  • Maintain good practice – wear masks, keep social distance, sanitise.
  • Keep ‘your place’ clean.
  • Keep abreast of and work closely with all statutory requirements, recommendations and advice.
  • Let common sense and caution be our motto and guide over the next few months.
  • When we are able to enjoy more freedom we will mark and celebrate events, remember dear ones who have died and follow up on plans we had to abandon or put on hold.
  • Residents – your well-being, sobriety and home are paramount. Please continue to cooperate with management and keep reminding yourselves of the value of what you have.

Kairos celebrates its 30th birthday this year. Let’s hope we can celebrate it together, in a fitting place, free and in an ‘old time’ way.

Please keep safe.