Beam us up to work!

Beam, the crowd-funding website that helps homeless men and women to train for employment, is celebrating its first anniversary this week. And, right from the beginning, Kairos has been one of the homeless charities recommending individuals to the scheme.

The Beam team explains: \”Through new technology, Beam helps people use their strengths, skills and passions to get into long-term and rewarding careers. We have been delighted to work with so many Kairos residents in our first year! The success of those from Kairos has been extremely inspiring – to us at Beam, but also to many others struggling with homelessness who are encouraged and motivated by the stories shared.\”

Beam tells us that 15 current or former Kairos residents have raised £53,891 through the website’s programme (more than a third of the total raised). The diverse training courses that have been funded include electrical installation, plumbing, carpentry and joinery, barbering, tiling, accounting, health and social care, personal training, safety training, management safety training, technician training…

Out of that 15, six have finished training and have secured work – they are now an apprentice electrician, a carpenter, support worker and fitness instructor, electrician’s mate, barber, and site manager. Three more are completing a work placement alongside their training: one repairing boilers and two support workers.

Well done, everyone from Kairos! Thank you and happy birthday, Beam!

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