Oh to bee in Bickley!

Kairos bees

Bees know nothing about bank holidays!

It is June bank holiday weekend and we have a swarm at the office. Beekeeper Kenny is on holiday, Father John Kitchen wants a hive in Bickley… What do we do? Having searched all Sunday for help, to no avail, Fr John and I decide to meet next morning to “have a go”. White suits on at nine, the swarm is in a box in minutes. Half an hour later, we take the box out of Fr John\’s car (brave man) and in 10 minutes we have a hive set up in the beautiful garden in Pines Road, Bickley.

Two “little boys” swooning with satisfaction. Two weeks later the hive is thriving. Here\’s to pollination and childlike adventure! – Mossie Lyons