Kairos services are open in second C-19 lockdown

The second Covid-19 lockdown began at midnight last night and continues until 2 December. As we enter this new phase, director Mossie Lyons outlines how Kairos services will remain open and continue to operate – and how our health and sobriety must be paramount.

The purpose of lockdown is to push the disease transmission rate down – the R rate. It is important to keep the R rate below one because that is when one infected person will pass on the virus to no more than one other person. Slowing down transmission protects us all, in particular our hospitals.

How is the lockdown different this time around? Please go to the BBC website and see Covid: Nine ways England’s lockdown is different from last time.

Residents of all Kairos houses, remember you are safe and secure in virus free-houses. Value and protect this for yourselves and those living with you.

Now, that we all know the virus spreads mainly through contact and mixing with others, let common sense prevail. Your health and sobriety are paramount.

Two basic rules apply:

    1. You cannot bring another person to your house.
    2. You cannot meet another person outside of your house unless you are already in a bubble.

 Also, remember the rule of hands, face, space: wash your hands, cover your face and maintain space between people.

Following discussion with all managers, here is how business will continue in each of the Kairos services and programmes:
Linden Grove
  • Our post-detox abstinence-support hostel has reintroduced isolation for all admissions.
  • The wearing of masks or visors by all staff is compulsory.
  • Temperature is taken before entering the house.
  • Daily cleaning of communal areas is carried out.
  • Sanitising stations are strategically placed for use.
  • Only professionals (eg plumber, electrician etc) are allowed into the house.
Bethwin Road Rehab
  • Added a Covid-19 extension to its Communicable Diseases and Infection Control policy.
  • Put in place revised protocols for dealing with symptoms in both residents and staff.
  • Adopted a Covid-19 compliance document which new admissions sign, agreeing to adhere to Kairos and relevant statutory bodies’ requirements.
  • Completed infection control training with Caring for Care on Monday 5 October.
  • Weekly Covid-19 testing for staff; monthly for all residents.

Manager Lee Slater met with CQC online on 16  October.

All staff are having the antibody tests that provided by NHS for all care homes. To date, out of six tested, one result came back showing antibodies present in blood. The number of referrals and assessments has risen and there are admissions planned over the next two to three weeks. There are currently eight residents in the home.

Garden Day Programme

Manager Tim Penrice reported yesterday: “I am happy to tell you today that the Kairos Garden Day Programme (GDP) will continue to run on a face-to-face basis in The Green Community Centre, in Nunhead during lockdown.

“All relevant risk assessments and exemption requirements are completed and are being met. Social distancing will be observed at all times and masks worn on entry and exiting the building. Temperatures are taken at the start of every day. Lunch is eaten in the Garden Day Programme bubble separate from the Linden Grove bubble.

“Referrals to GDP continue to increase. We thank the team at The Green, Nunhead, Southwark Council for their welcome and support of the GDP. “

Aftercare Programme

Aftercare will remain open and continue to operate within all legal requirements and guidelines.

Move-on Supported Housing Team
  • All team meetings are being conducted via Zoom.
  • All assessments are being carried out on the phone.
  • Referrals continue to be taken through the head office.
  • Support workers are still visiting their houses but working from home on a discretionary basis.

The beginning of this update was written particularly with residents of our move-on houses in mind. Please stay safe.

Head Office
  • Remains open.
  • Adherence to all statutory protocols maintained.
  • Visits to the office not allowed except by arrangement.

Finally, Keep safe. Get exercise. Try to stay up-beat for the next month. We are all in it together.